Business Mentoring for Creatives and Artists

One-on-One Sessions (50 minutes by phone)


What to expect:

  • My style is warm and I find humor is essential to the process.  Business and personal growth should be inspiring and fun!  Humor helps to break through fear and other blocks.
  •  I don’t judge.  No matter where you’re at in your business, I can help you.
  • I’ll ask questions. I want to get a sense of where you’re at in your business.
  • I’ll help you identify and clarify your purpose for starting a business. – Getting clear business and personal lifestyle goals.20150430_valerie-9161
  • We’ll discuss your creative talents and business options.  I’ll help generate additional options or combinations you may not have imagined.
  • We’ll discuss personality and lifestyle factors that may be impacting your possible choices (which may explain why you’re feeling stuck even if you have a good idea).
  • We will collaborate to determine which creative business might be the best fit.
  • Or we’ll determine the best place to start testing out some different options.  In case you need feedback from your audience or you need to take on some test clients to see what you’ll love most.
  • We’ll discuss business strategies – To use what you have, start with where you’re at and transition to where you want to be.
  •  We’ll end so you are crystal clear about the next 3 steps to take.  Clients typically feel excited and ready to get started when we finish a session.


 $145 (50 minutes)

Questions? Email