Welcome! Want to get paid to do what you love?

20150430_valerie-9409You know you have passion.

You know you have talent.

You know you have a lot to share with the world.

Choosing the right creative business idea is the best way to guarantee your business makes money and makes you happy.  

It takes courage to take the leap to create a new business.

You don’t have to do it alone.

Choosing the right creative business doesn’t need to be complicated.

Have you already spent months or years on one business idea only to change streams (again)?

Tired of being embarrassed by your social media accounts that document your indecision?

Or maybe you have an idea but want to be confident you’re making a smart, savvy decision.


I can simply and efficiently help you decide which business idea will bring you the most creative joy and life fulfillment.

There are so many passions to choose from and so many hidden conflicts or fears you may not even understand.

If you’re not crystal clear about your next 3 steps to move your business forward, it may be time for personalized feedback.